Howto install Sarg

Howto install Sarg

Author: MasterSleepy
Contributor: Brian Kirk, byte, ajkeane
Release: SME Server 7.x
License: GPL
Thanks: Great thanks to filippo,
part of code contained here are from one of his contribs.

You can find this contribs HERE

Problem: You want to install SARG on your sme server
Solution: Follow this Howto

STEP 1: Get Sarg rpm and upload it to your sme server and install it

You can get it here


[root@server root]#
rpm -ivh smeserver-sarg-1.4.1-1.i386.rpm

STEP 2:  Go to server-manager to
watch result

Open your favorite web browser to server-manager web page of your sme server.
A new panel as been added.

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